About Pershood360.

About Us.

Personhood360 was founded on the principle that reflective practice in children care must be informed by the ongoing mental wellness of learners.

Imagine a world where everyone comes through their early years with an embedded sense of well being. A world where every young person is the author of their own story. As early educators, we believe our shared goal should be to build strong foundations of wellbeing in childhood.

At Personhood360, it is our mission to empower early educators with the tools they need to help create exceptional futures.

What we do.

Personhood360 is secure online platform for educators in the early learning space to plan and capture learning stories which uses available technology to extract insights for each individual child that would be near impossible to do manually. These dynamic insights connected with professional development resources support targeted learning experiences for each child as well as early intervention and support opportunities.

Personhood360 believes the learning stories captured by educators has a trove of information that is currently not taken advantage of. Our technology, maps and tracks educators learning stories using Core Skills, Ways of Learning and S.T.R.E.A.M to create a pathway for this trove of insight to be measured. Personhood360 data shows how a child is developing across each of these areas over time and informs educators where to focus their professional attention or invite early intervention.

Being informed empowers educators, improves realtionships with families and most of all supports the development of children in their crucial years with untold benefits for later in life.

Personhood360 offers all this along with daily activity logs, newletters, NQS reporting and more…

Join us on the journey of, Capturing Wellbeing – Writing Stories – Creating Exceptional Futures.

Our Pillars.

Capturing Wellbeing


Individual child development.

Track and manage an array of learning techniques and core skills, ways of learning and STREAM.

Identify learner development and strengths.

Writing Stories


Professional development.

Develop unique learner stories.

Shape reflective models for early childhood teachers.

Creating Exceptional


Early intervention.

Tailor programming to individual needs.

Modify as learners grow.

Our Founders.


A global tech and finance project manager who believes the early years are crucial for life long wellbeing.



A leading development expert with passion for wellbeing for the early years.


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