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How does the platform work?

Early education centres, including daycare and preschool facilities, can access Personhood360 through a computer or mobile device.

Each learner in the centre has their own profile. Educators capture, manage and document activities and develop individual learning stories, to depict a fluid and evolving picture of an individual learner’s stages, skills and development. The platform includes 9 Wellbeing Markers and 6 Development Domains.

Using this data, Personhood360 makes it possible for educators to analyze early childhood development and identify any factors that may need specialised support. Educators are also able to communicate and connect with parents through the platform.

How much does the platform cost?
Our platform is structured on a cost-per-learner model and can be customised for centres of all sizes. All our plans include a one-month free trial.
Is the platform for parents too?
All our plans come with parent-facing access through the Parent Portal. We believe transparency and communication between families and educators are essential for learner development and success. Educators and administrators can communicate in real-time with parents to engage them in their child’s learning journey.
Is the platform available as a mobile app?

All our plans come with access to the mobile app activity tracker. The app syncs educator entries across multiple devices, for an integrated, seamless experience.

How can Personhood360 benefit my business?

Personhood360 promotes efficiency and consolidation of documentation. This allows educators to spend more time focused on learners. Personhood360 also helps track and identify factors that might require specialised care, like that of an Occupational Therapist. By empowering your educators with time and information, your investing in the level of commitment and care you provide children.

How does Personhood360’s security and technology work?
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