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Creating a space for the foundations of wellbeing to flourish

Thank you so much for joining our wellbeing journey in the early years. Here you can find all the resources and references from our presentation. If you have any further questions please reach out we would love to hear from you.

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Creating Exceptional Futures: The Current Research Supporting the Work Of Personhood360.

In many early education settings, multiple people work alongside children and young people every day to help with their growth and development academically, socially, and psychologically. These various insights are valuable but can be missed due to full timetables, busy schedules and crowded curriculums. Children and young people often need early intervention from supporting professionals such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, and other educational specialists to maintain their growth. Personhood360 looks to utilise this accumulative knowledge base through e-collaboration between the multiple parties to ensure children’s and young people’s needs do not fall off the radar or be missed altogether.

For many teachers, educators and support staff to effectively plan for educational change and powerfully engage children and young people in this change, they must understand the importance of diverse thinking, variation in learning modalities, the complexity of content and what aspects of personhood are heading to towards mastery in the early stage of life to have a lifespan of potential realised. Personhood360, to help guide and influence teacher choice and student’s voice, uses tools such as are multiple intelligences, S.T.R.E.A.M and P360 Core Skillset to actualise this understanding creating stronger pipelines for wellbeing to flourish. The Personhood360 platform also offers a play and learning matrix embracing and challenging the insight and experience of teachers and educators to embrace and explore diverse content areas, various learning modalities, core lifespan skills to inspire an environment for children’s wellbeing to flourish.

Personhood360 core skills help every teacher and every child to thrive and flourish. There are nine core skills. Each core skill has been selected for how it impacts the life span of every human. The core skills impact wellbeing on a physical, psychological and spiritual dimension. For example, the core skill of relational security is critical to the successful development of the mind. A mind experiencing a safe haven enables an amygdala to support the development of the limbic system and the neocortex system of the brain. This safe haven in the early years is critical for the human mind to develop fully. Another core skill example is gratitude. When practised daily, gratitude changes a person’s immunity, resulting in a healthier body and a thriving mind. Self-regulation is another example that cannot be missed within the early years’ development. Self-regulation precipitates a life well lived as it enables the development of a person’s ability to take initiative, remain calm, initiate self-control and regulate strong emotions.

Personhood360 will enable these core skills to become an integrated and embedded part of the early year’s critical and creative thinking process through play. It is only when the core skills are used and activated daily that they influence wellbeing. Therefore, this platform will support teachers’ professional development in these areas and provide insight for families as they work alongside their developing child.

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